As you know I was in Brazil for a few months and one day there I heard of a television program called Meu Parana.  I was told by a friend they were going to have a segment on Pet Business, so I was eager to hear what they had to say about this interesting subject.  I learned through the program that the state where I am from, called Parana located in the southern region of Brazil is the biggest and the fastest growing state  in the whole country for pet related business. And not only that, but I also have heard that my hometown Londrina, is the capital of dogs in Brazil.  I had no freaking idea. How cool is that?

Anyway,  in one of the segments of the TV program they told the story of Uddy, a four years old famous Golden Retriever. He is a dog celebrity in town, and he has 64k followers on Instagram. Yep! Sixty four thousand!!! He is known all over town. He  goes out to pet friendly places, like Shopping Malls, stores and coffee shops, etc, and he always has to stop to take selfies with children or other fans along the way.  Everyone loves Uddy!!! How can they not? Just look at his cute and happy face! You can see his profile on Instagram and follow him on his adventures!

Foto de cachorro no Lago Igapo LondrinaLondrina Fotografia Pet

After seeing the TV program, of course I had to meet and photograph the famous dog. So, I contacted his mom to set up a photo shoot. In my hometown there is this beautiful lake called, Lago Igapo, and I used to hang out there a lot when I lived in Londrina. The lake was my first choice as a shooting location. We decided that the best time to photograph there was at Sunrise. Early, I know. But only early in the morning I would be able capture the gorgeous light reflecting at the water dam. It was a perfect choice! The light was magical!!!

Fotografia de Pets na Barragem do Igapo em LondrinaFoto de cachorro na Barragem do Igapo Londrina

Those of you who have seen me in action photographing dogs, know that I use sounds to get their attention so they can look at the camera. Well, with Uddy sounds and noise  tricks would not work. Unfortunately, this lovely pup was born deaf and he can’t hear a thing. Then my other option to try to get Uddy’s attention was to use treats during the photoshoot. He loved treats, great option!

However, because he is so used of being photographed everyday by his mom aka the treat giver, guess who he wanted to look at during the entire photoshoot? You guessed it! His mom. He thought she had all the goodies. She did, but I had them too. It took a awhile until he realized it though. I was not upset with that at all. It was okay  he looked at her at times because I got  to capture gorgeous profile shots of him.

Photos of a Golden Retriever done in Londrina, Brazil by dog photographer Alessandra Sawick

Golden Retriever portrait by NY dog photographer

Well, not to toot my own horn, but  I am an experienced pet photographer, so I found other ways to get his attention and get him to look at me as well. Where there is will there is always a way. And the result was eye contact indeed! Yay!

Photo of a happy Golden Retriever in Londrina, BrazilEnsaio de Pets no Brasil - Uddy golden retriever

Uddy is a special dog, and so is his mom. I was in a very special location dear to my heart. Needless to say it was a great day in my life.  I can’t wait to visit Londrina, Brazil again and  do another photoshoot at this location with Uddy or maybe another dog. Who knows, since Londrina is the capital of dogs in Brasil I am sure will have many options of models to choose from, right?

Okay, so that’s it for today’s blog. I am done. And Uddy is out…

Golden Retriever celebrity dog

Thanks for reading it!

Until next time, all we need is Love (and a dog)!

Alessandra Sawick


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