Have you ever heard of black dog syndrome? It’s the name given to explain the tendency of dark-colored dogs spending more time in the shelters than the light-colored dogs. Dog racism? Possibly, and few other factors. For instance, it’s very hard to get good exposure to photograph a black dog. That said, unfortunately, most pictures of black dogs we see at adoption sites quite often look dark or blurry.

The person looking to adopt a new puppy can’t see what the dog really looks like, with no clear view of the dog’s facial features or eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul! 😉

Gladly, there are volunteer photographers like myself who are ready to donate their time and skills to local dog shelters and rescue organizations. A good photograph can make a difference in the dog’s lives!

Let me introduce you to this kind girl Sasha, a sweet and lovable six months old lab mix who is currently looking for a forever home. Sasha was found in the basement of a vacant, foreclosed home in Elizabeth, NJ. Apparently she was left there alone for weeks before she was found by a Perth Amboy fireman.

She is now spayed and has all her vaccinations up to date. She is very friendly and loves people. When we met to take her adoption portrait, right away she started kissing me all over. I love dog’s kisses! She would also say hi to everyone who passed by us during this photoshoot. She is a social butterfly, such a sweetheart!

She is also calm, attentive, and very smart. She figured out quickly that staying still for the picture meant a treat was coming as a reward for her good behavior. I believe she can be easily trained and she will enjoy it too!

Therefore, if you are looking for a special and great dog companion, you have now found it. Sasha would make a perfect family pet!

For more information about Sasha or to fill out an adoption application, please visit: https://www.eastcoastcaninerescue.org/

Most importantly, if you are a dog shelter or dog rescue organization in North Jersey and need help getting good pictures of the black dogs currently available for adoption, please reach out. I would love to help!

Until next time, all we need is Love & a Dog!

Alessandra Sawick

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