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NJ Pet Photographer

In 1999 I came to the United States from Brazil in search of the American Dream. Although I didn’t know it at the time, this journey would awaken in me a passion for both photography and pets- inspired in no small part by my own beloved dogs Shanti and Gaia. Yes, like so many others, my dogs are my children and I couldn’t love being a dog mom more.

Since discovering this path I’ve undergone training in canine behavior & body language as well as completing courses in intuitive communication with animals. I like to say say I speak four languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Dog!

Additionally, I am a dedicated photographer with a clean, modern, and timeless style focused on capturing your pet’s personality and striving to preserve its legacy. I feel that by photographing with my soul I can hopefully capture the spirit of your companion.

In my own life, most days you can find me at home working and spending time with my husband of 15 years and our four-legged children. We are absolutely a family of homebodies!

I am a positive thinker who loves to motivate and inspire others. I’m a running enthusiast, adept at daily meditation, and a practitioner of Reiki & holistic healing.

One of the things I love most in life is sweets and I would skip dinner in a heartbeat for the chance at the last course! “Life is short, eat dessert first” is a philosophy I love to live by!

“Every once in a while a dog enters your life and changes everything.” – Unknown

2019 Brasilia Photo Show

Title: Dog in a Summer Day

Location: Sandy Hook Beach, NJ


2019 Brasilia Photo Show

Tittle: Wine? No more. I am sleepy already!

Location: Chamard Vineyards | Clinton, CT


2018 Brasilia Photo Show

Title: Magic Autumn

Location: Central Park, Manhattan


2019 Pet Photographer of the Year

Title: Dog Mom Love

Location: Hoboken, NJ


2019 Pet photographer of the Year

Title: Happy Dog

Location: Chamard Vineyards | Clinton, CT


• Meet my Team •

Top Model & Inspirational Muse

This is Shanti, my heart dog, my soul dog. She is the inspiration behind and the reason I started Alessandra Sawick Photography.

Her name was chosen with much thought.  Shanti is a Sanskrit word that means “Inner Peace”. That is exactly what she brought to me when she entered my life about 4 years ago.  She is the sweetest dog and the best friend anyone could ever ask for!

Shanti loves getting dressed up and posing for photos. She thinks it’s game, it’s like playtime for her. She sees me getting my DSLR and right way she sits down. If I am taking a picture of something/someone else other than her, she will whine and complain. My little dog model! The perfect dog model!

Marketing Officer  

This is Gaia…my second fur baby as I couldn’t resist the Maltipoo charm.  Gaia & Shanti are actually real siblings, however, they have totally different personalities! Gaia is daring, a tough dog (at times), totally independent and unpredictable. We joke she is a cat in a dog’s body!

 Her name was inspired by Greek mythology and it means “Mother Earth”. I guess her name also matches her personality because Mother Earth can be very unpredictable, right?

Gaia is so playful and she brings so much fun & joy into my life. She teaches me every day to slow down, take breaks and enjoy life outside work. She is so friendly and always want to say hello to everyone she meets. A perfect marketer. My social butterfly!

Are you a dog mom too?


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