• Animal Reiki •

What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a form of healing originated in Japan.  The system consists of using specific hand positions and sacred symbols. Reiki is the energy life force that surrounds us all the time and Reiki practitioners can tune into it and channel this energy toward the highest good of themselves, a client, animals, plants or a specific situation. Reiki can be used to bring wholeness and healing on many levels and in all areas of life.

• What are the benefits? •

  1. Helps to reduce physical pain and help accelerate the healing process;

2. Helps decrease the side effects of chemotherapy and other medications;

3. Reduces the stress caused by several factors, such as moving to a new house, arrival or departure of a family member, trips to the veterinarian or groomers, among others;

4. Improves the immune system;

5. Provides continuous well-being and health in general, stimulating a better quality of life;

6. Reverses the process of energy imbalance, which is one of the main cause of diseases;

7. Heals holistically and it can be used for preventive care.

8. Balances emotions such as aggression, fear, depression, anguish, traumas, anxiety,  mood, and so many others.

9. Heals the spirit, bringing animals back to a state of trust and connection with self, humans and other animals.

10. Eases the transition to death during the dying process with loving support and comfort.

• In which situations can Reiki  assist your pet? •

Reiki is a non-evasive energy balancing technique and it is safe, effective and it can cause no harm to our pets. Animals love getting the warm vibrations of Reiki energy and they can benefit from it perhaps even more than humans can. I say this because animals don’t have a structured intellectual, dogmatic and religious belief system.  So because they don’t resist or reject the Reiki healing energy the success cases can be possibly much larger in animals than in people. Reiki balances the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the animal by releasing energy blockages. It can assist with many situations such as…

  • Fear of bad weather
  • Fear of fireworks
  • A visit to the groomers or the vet
  • Family structural change
  • Traumas
  • Behavior issues
  • Birthing process
  • Learning and training sessions
  • Loss of an animal companion
  • Lacking a connection with the owner
  • And many more

• Where is the Session done at? •

In the comfort of your own home. Reiki sessions can be much more successful when it is done at the pet’s home. He will be more relaxed and comfortable in his own familiar environment.

Distance Reiki healing session can be performed as well by using a photograph of the pet and/or a surrogate.  The Reiki practitioner sets a time for the distant session and uses symbols and techniques that work across all time and space. We are energetic beings, and everything is energy! The results of distance Reiki sessions are equally positive as an in-person Reiki healing session.

• How does Reiki Energy work for the animal pet? •

The Reiki experience is unique for each animal. When receiving a Reiki treatment, an animal commonly enters a deep state of relaxation and peace. However, during the first Reiki treatment, some pets will become playful, and others more reserved looking from the distance until they become more familiar with the Reiki energy.  Luckily for the practitioner, some animals will come and lay on their lap and might even fall asleep.

45 Min Session

The session will be done through Zoom or a Phone Call


  • 30 minutes of Reiki and Energy balancing work.
  • Followed by 15 minutes of insights that may have come through during the healing session.

Energy travels through time and space. An online session is equally good as an in-person session, 

reiki for animals Naples, FL

• Frequently asked Questions •

How long is the Reiki session?
The time is actually guided by each individual pet. Animals have a very well developed six sense and they recognize the Reiki healing energy. I offer 30 minutes Reiki sessions, but it can take only 10 minutes or it may take up to 60 minutes.
Can you apply Reiki to humans also?
Yes. The levels of Reiki which I have graduated allow me to apply Reiki to all beings.
In which situations is Reiki suitable for the pet and his owner?
Unfortunately, sometimes the diseases developed by the animal could possibly come from the relationship with his human. They protect us not only physically but energetically as well. Therefore, they might absorb some of our negative emotions and energy and become unbalanced.  If necessary the Reiki practitioner will extend treatment to the pet’s owner and to other family members.
What do pet owners need to keep in mind about "energy"?
Energy is everything! We must understand that, just like a child, animals sometimes can be conditioned by our behaviors.

If the pet owner is a very stressed, fearful, anxious, compulsive, or an aggressive person,  consequently his/her negative emotions may later manifest on his/her pet.  Our domestic animals have the ability to capture all dense energies, and in order to protect their owners, out of love or instinct, they take these negative emotions for themselves.

And unfortunately, when pets start showing some of these negative vibes they picked up from us, we quite often attributed it as they are suddenly presenting bad behaviors. 

Disclosure: Reiki is not a substitute for animal training or behavior addressing by a qualified trainer or behaviorist. Reiki can, however,  work alongside with animal behavior addressing and training sessions.  It will help accelerate the animal’s mental and emotional healing process!

How often should Reiki be applied?
The Reiki energy has no restrictions and is never too much, it can be applied daily. Reiki will go where it is needed the most to bring about positive change and healing. The frequency will depend on the animal’s health, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions. It also depends on his age and on the dynamics of the family.
Should my pet stop receiving conventional treatment?
No. Reiki is not a substitute for medical or veterinarian care.

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